Thursday, June 9, 2016

Why You Should Publish Your Important Writing on Medium: Because It’s the Op-ed Page of the Internet

This, from a job description:

“Medium is the place for tech and business leaders to make or break news, share advice and expertise, offer insight into the nuances of their crafts, tell a personal story, and converse with others in their fields. The platform has emerged as the new op-ed page, where people who have ideas of consequence publish; interact meaningfully with an impassioned, engaged, and influential audience; and drive conversation forward around issues of import in the world and that matter to them.

“It’s where Google CEO Sundar Pichai pleads for inclusive values, Pinterest engineer Tracy Chou writes about diversity in tech, and Ellen Pao launches an initiative devoted to the same topic. Where Amazon spokesman Jay Carney refutes a New York Times expose on the company, and Times executive editor Dean Baquet responds. Where Facebook’s Julie Zhou regularly shares her expertise on design, and Instagram’s Ian Spalter reveals the internal process behind the company’s new logo. It’s where Dov Charney expounds on American Apparel’s bankruptcy ruling, and Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield shares management advice. Where a powerhouse group of women from Twitter and Slack who have banded together as investors publish en masse. And it’s where venture capitalists like Greylock’s Sarah Tavel muse on product, and Andreessen-Horowitz’s Scott Weiss reflect on working parenting.

And this, from the Washington Post:

“Political journalists will remember the evening well.

“It was around 8:45 p.m. on Jan. 20, before President Obama gave the State of the Union address, when the White House released the full text of his speech on a three-year-old website called Medium.

“The move broke convention, and the Washington press was surprised. Many reporters were afraid to admit their ignorance about the site. Obama aides could barely contain their delight at, in the words of White House Chief Digital Officer Jason Goldman, ‘changing a SOTU tradition forever.’

“Since then, Medium has muscled its way to the front of the line as the blog platform for Washington leaders who want to put a fresh veneer on their messaging. After heavy use by the Obama White House, the San Francisco start-up has ambitions to be a player in the 2016 political debate by becoming the venue of choice for candidates to bypass the mainstream media and air their thoughts online.